Success Stories



We are happy to request the below-clients’ permissions if you wish to talk directly to them.

Off-plan purchaser with changed employment circumstances:

Carol, you were of great help and assistance and remarkably persistent in following through on what was a rather difficult time. I really appreciated what you did in such a calm and professional manner and the end result was much better than we had hoped for at the beginning. Matthew M.


Self employed clients who had been in Australia for less than a year and therefore had no tax returns.   A lender was found who was prepared to review their situation AND the rate offered was extremely competitive with mainstream lenders.

Carol helped us buy our house when mainstream lenders would not consider us. She explained our options in detail so that we could choose the best product for us, visiting us at home on a Sunday so that we could both be present.

Carol guided us through the application process, which was extremely complicated as I am self-employed, and had not yet submitted a tax return and we had been in the country for less than a year. She and her staff were professional, friendly, accessible and reassuring during the anxious moments of buying.

Having previously attempted to look into mortgages myself on the internet, I truly believe we could not have found the appropriate mortgage and navigated the application process without Carol’s guidance, and we would have lost out on what we consider to be our dream house. I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking to buy.  Kirstie M.


First Home Buyers in Sydney:

Many sincere thanks to our mortgage broker Carol who not only gave us the best possible product, but did it all meticulously, professionally, and with a human touch. We trusted and relied on her 100% to get us to where we did. The property is ours!  Filip & Monika T.