Good reasons to use Select Financial Services


Like all small businesses, our relationships with our clients is a fundamental part of our business. We offer choice in home loans, convenience and our expertise. We save you the time and energy in finding the most suitable loan benefiting you for years to come. We take out all the stress and worry and deal with the lenders on your behalf.

Best of all, our advice is obligation free for residential lending (see Remuneration below)* – we receive a commission from the lender on settlement of a loan.

What do we do?

Each customer is special and has unique needs that demand personal attention. After assessing your needs, we check available loans from a variety of lenders on my panel of lenders and seek out a loan package which best suits your needs. We save you the time and energy in comparing loans from a range of lenders, obtaining information about interest rates, fees and costs. We simplify the process from application through to settlement, keeping you fully informed on the progress so that your home-buying process remains a pleasant experience!

Our brokers

Carol Shapley, Dip of Finanacial Services (Mortgage Management)
Experience:  13 years Senior Loan Consultant, Residential & Commercial


As an accredited members of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA), we are bound by a Code of Conduct which governs the ethics of its members which includes lenders and brokers. As part of its membership, brokers are required to complete a Dip of Financial Services (Mortgage Management).


Residential loans:  In most circumstances, we do not charge you for our services. Our advice to you is free. We are paid a commission by the lender after the loan settles. In some circumstances, lenders will charge an upfront fee. These are usually non-conforming loans. Part of this upfront fee may be paid to us as a commission.  We may also charge a fee in certain instances, for example but not limited to, complex debt consolidation. In these circumstances we will provide you with a written quote requiring your acceptance before proceeding. Generally lenders will also pay a ‘trail’ on the loan for continuing to be your first point of contact with any enquiries you may have and for ongoing service. This includes any changes you may require such as switching to another product, topping up your loan, organising repayment pause, renovating etc.

Commercial loans: Lenders will usually charge an upfront fee and part of this upfront fee will be paid to us as a commission.


In offering you our services, we are bound by the Consumer Credit Administration Act in NSW, which became effective on 1st August 2004, to provide you with a Finance Brokers Agreement which gives you full disclosure of loans details and remunerations.


Full Member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia (MFAA).
Credit Ombudsman Service (COSL)
Seniors Equity Association of Lenders (SEQUAL)